Free Kool Kombi up to 2.5 hours

wedding kombi hire
Kool Kombi

this beautiful kool kombi transporter carries 8 people plus the driver
it is fully licenced and insured for booked hire - kombi website

Free kombi hire for wedding
Kombi sunshine coast
make a wedding splash with kombi
Gympie to Caloundra

Kool Kombi transporting the bride, bridesmaids, father of the bride and flower girls to a ceremony would cost a fair bit but with an 8 seater kombi its the way to go

FREE Photography or Video for ceremony and photoshoot

photographer noosa sunshine coast
BigSmiles Photography

Jeff has been working with a camera for over 2 decades
from a professional lighting technician on feature films to an award winning DOP he has covered a lot of ground

sunshine coast photographer award
Happy days at Surfair

a wonderful couple with a beautiful little daughter Harley

Video guy
Wedding Video specialist

From Russia with love - screen grab taken from the wedding video of Yekaterina and Alex (Mr Bond)

a choice of Wedding Arbors

Elopement Tipi
Elopement Tipi

a beautiful Elopement Tipi comes in white or Natural bamboo colour
a nice circular Rug with cushions, a champagne bucket and 2 glasses

White Arbor wood
White Arbor wood

with your choice of white wood arbor with white draped cloth, or with flowers along top or mix of both

Wood Arbor
Wood Arbor

this Option of the wood arbor works well with benches or chairs and can stand on hard concrete ground or sand with box bases

6 Benches or 24 chairs

white americana chairs sunshine coast
Americana Chairs 24

24 Americana chairs will give you 4 rows of 8 chairs or 4 chairs either side of an aisle
Add some Sashes for a splash of colour, we have many colours in stock

Wood Arbor benches
Wood Benches x 6

wood benches x 6 are good for 24 persons
add another 2 benches if required for an extra 8 to 10 people

Tiffany chairs
Tiffany chairs 24

24 Chiavari Tiffany chairs are pretty cool to say the least
will give you 4 rows of 8 chairs or 4 chairs either side of an aisle
classic chairs for weddings

other bits included

registration table
Registration table and 2 chairs

choice of Americana or Tiffany chairs
white table and chairs

registration table
wood registration table and 2 chairs

dressed in white throw with glass vase
add parasols as extra

Aisle runner
Hessian Aisle runner

Hessian aisle runner

other bits included for a limited time

sign board
choice of sign boards

sign board with easel

circle of love
Circle of Love (optional arbor)

this is a premium wedding arbor
the circle of Love is great for photos and memories
can be dressed differently including all wood

Total Cost from $990 yes! Download Features Price List

Package includes:
Classic Kombi for transport and photos up to 2.5 hours.
photographer or award winning Videographer for your ceremony and photoshoot
We set out the wedding ceremony with the following:
Choices: a white wood arbor, a bamboo arbor, the Tipi, Natural brown wood arbor, Circle of Love arbor
Choices: 24 chairs white Tiffany, 24 Americana or 6 brown wood benches
Choices: registration table white or wood with 2 chairs white or wood
add a sign and easel white or brown
Hessian aisle runner
chair sashes choice of colours
you can add more chairs or benches

Price $990 Mon - Thurs:
Price $1500 Bank Holidays and Weekends
subject to Terms and conditions of set out and break down location(s)

other bits extras

Market Umbrellas
Big Shadey Umbrellas

4 available in stock includes big heavy bases

shoes sign
Leave shoes here sign

sometimes you want guests to remove shoes, $10 hand crafted sign

Umbrellas or Parasols

Umbrellas or Parasols

other bits extras

parasols for the ladies
Parasols for the ladies

not only stops them from melting but also diffuses the light in harsh sun to give more pleasant photographs

Tipi dressing

options for dressing the Tipis - from $10

Petals - Jars - and bubbles

we can supply a bag of petals colour choice of season
jars can hang on the sides of your chairs
and bubbles for the little and big kids
a great way to walk the aisle

service list